I am an enamelist and studio goldsmith. Inspired by color, light, texture and pattern in the natural world around me, I combine enamel processes like cloisonné, basse taille, champlevé and painting enamel. Each work is set using an array of goldsmithing techniques. These processes include fabrication, forging, carving, etching and gem setting. 

Typically starting with a sketch, each design begins with a color palette in mind. I continue to explore various techniques in enamel. My current study is transparent enamel  (colored glass) overlaying  hand engraved fine silver. Layers of enamel fill cells created with wire. Each layer is fired in a kiln at 1400 degrees. This technique is known as cloisonné. My current work explores native species and their support of many species of birds and insects.

I studied sculpture and painting at Maryland Institute College of Art. After graduating with a BFA, I apprenticed with a German trained goldsmith. After 25 years as a custom jewelry designer/creator, my early roots as a painter and sculptor can still be seen. I enjoy creating my own designs and teaching workshops.

photo credit Briana Wolgemuth Freeman